Lacrosse  On Tuesday and Thursday this week Morrinsville Intermediate were super lucky to have some amazing lacrosse instructors to come teach us some cool moves ! Room 10 really enjoyed lacrosse we had some amazing players in our amazing class.  Amiri said' the shooting in the game was very enjoyable and everyone felt to enjoy it!" Caleb said " he liked that it was so different compared to other sports and he really enjoyed it ! This week has been an overall good week !

Room 10s Books for baby's

Room 10 has been writing books for the NICU ward at Waikato hospital. These books were inspired by Miss Chalklen's friends late son Demetri.

P.C Hockey

This term in PC Sport we have been doing hockey. We have 4 amazing coaches named Ben, Blake, Sam and Kayla.  This week we had Miss Chalklen's little sister show up. Emma was apart of the reps hockey team from year 7 to year 11. She taught us some good skills. She has taught us how to stop drop, which is when you get down low and stop the ball. She taught us some excellent dribbling and passing skills. Emma also tolled us how to play a game properly and the main skills and attitude you need to be in a hockey team. Thank you so much Emma for taking your time out of your day to come and teach room 10 some amazing skills.
By Bailee and Ash-lee = Bash-lee

scientific photos.

This week we have been learning about scientific photos. Miss Chalklen got some smart phone microscope converters 
Here are some of the photos that we took using the microscopes
   made by Ben and Ned

Student led conference

This week we had Student led conference's. We dedicated whole day to preparing for our s.l.c's. This is an opportunity for students to skite to their whanau about  what they have been learning. 

Room 10 Totem Poles

TOTEM POLES  Room 10 made Totem poles in Term 1. To make these we had to learn lots of measurement skills, such as area and perimeter.  Our art was to design a panel that showed others who we were. For writing we wrote, produced, filmed and edited a documentary called Grand Designs. 

Our Writing Celebration

Last term we sat our writing E-asTTle test. Our topic was persuading people that music was more important than sport. One of our Year 8 boys has improved dramatically in his writing in the past 2 terms. We are really proud of him and all of his success.

By Bailee Steiner and the rest of the blogging crew in Room 10